Autism Awareness Month: Let’s Act Today!

Hello April! It’s nice to see you again. While it can seem like an uneventful month, sandwiched between the holidays and summertime, April does have a reputation… springtime showers, tax day, and even a day set aside to play practical jokes on each other. But really that’s not what comes to mind when the ONEHOPE Wine family thinks of April. This month is dedicated to something bigger, something that affects a staggering number of families on a daily basis. April is about hope. Hope in finding a cure for autism.

For families who have kids with autism, it’s not something they think about just one month out of the year. They live it everyday. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disorder affects 1 in 88 children in the United States. That’s a whopping 78% increase compared to a decade ago. The number of children diagnosed with autism rises every year and it’s not clear why. What is clear is that much more needs to be done in the area of research, diagnosis and treatment. That’s why ONEHOPE donates 50% of profits from Cabernet Sauvignon sales to the fight against autism.

We know having children is not cheap, but raising a child with autism can take a tremendous financial toll. It’s no surprise that providing treatment to help children with autism achieve their highest potential is expensive. That’s why ONEHOPE has partnered specifically with ACT Today! The non-profit organization’s mission is to provide funding and support for families who cannot afford specialized care for their children. They fill a necessary gap by providing assistance for these children today to ensure they have a better tomorrow.

We live on hope – ONEHOPE, for better a future. This month (and every month of the year) we hope for a cure. That starts with raising more awareness. With more awareness comes necessary funding for research. Autism Awareness Month is about giving a voice to the families who need it. With ONEHOPE, you can take part year-around. You can help families in need of resources feel something now by purchasing ONEHOPE Cabernet. You can also host a Hope at Home event to highlight the urgency of raising autism awareness. Just gather your friends for a wine tasting party and we’ll donate a percentage of event sales to any autism organization of your choice. YOU can make a difference by Acting Today.

ONEHOPE Cabernet for the fight against autism

These blue ribbon mini cupcakes from Cupcakes Couture are the perfect touch for a Hope at Home party!

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