Mother’s May

We’re ready to raise a glass and make a toast! In honor of all the amazing women out there, we’re turning Mother’s Day into “Mother’s May” with an extra special treat! Pass the bubbly because we’re ready to celebrate! That’s right, we’ll be popping bottles of delicious ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine at events all next month to celebrate the women who mean the most in our lives.

With dazzling ribbons of bubbles, aromas of green apples and nectarines, and a refreshing fruit finish, this social beverage is the perfect choice for a festive Mother’s May bash. Sparkling wine is also deliciously compatible with food. Balanced with a natural acidity, you can opt for a wide range of flavors. Salty snacks like olive tapenade or parmesan cheese will be mellowed out with the crispy acidity of the wine. Pairing high acid appetizers like oysters with mignonette or ceviche will reduce the perceived acidity of the wine, bringing the fruit forward. Pairing limitations are few with this one because it’s the perfect appetizer wine!

Just talking about it gets us excited for next month! We think serving sparkling wine will be the perfect touch for showing our appreciation to the important women in our lives. Just gather up the ladies, serve a few hors d’oeuvres, and leave the rest to us. And as always, we want to do our part by giving back. If Mom has a charity she holds close to her heart, we’ll donate 10% of event sales to the cause of her choice. So support her favorite charity and raise money while raising your glass to Mom!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you! Bring on the bubbly and book your event today!

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