#SauvBlanc Day!

Did you know today is a holiday? Well for wine lovers it is. No matter where you are in the world, people are uniting in celebration of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Maybe it’s a way to kick off summer or just an excuse to drink wine, either way, we’re on board with Sauvignon Blanc day! Crisp and perfectly refreshing for the warmer months, Sauvignon Blanc has definitely made a name for itself. It grows well in places like New Zealand, France, and of course, where ONEHOPE Wine grows and bottles theirs: California.

It’s not 5 o’clock for us just yet, but bottles of our bright, pink grapefruit flavored Sauvignon Blanc are already chilling and waiting to be cracked open. Besides celebrating the wonderful grape that it is, we’ll also be raising a glass to a Sauv Blanc that does much more than taste good. For every bottle sold, a tree is planted through The American Forest Foundation. In their first 5 years of giving back, ONEHOPE has donated over $41,500, which has planted an equal amount of trees. Building a forest has never tasted so good!

So join in the celebration, head to Twitter and follow the conversations happening all day long by using #SauvBlanc. Whether you’re enjoying a bottle of ONEHOPE Sauv Blanc, wondering what others are drinking, or searching for a new wine pairing recipe, you’ll be uniting in a global tasting! Cheers!

You’ll plant a tree with ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc!

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