Hunt for a Pink October

We’re on a hunt. No, not a scavenger hunt or anything like that. We’re on a hunt to put the color pink in the spotlight. For us, pink is much more than nail polish and cotton candy – it’s a bold color that stands up to a fight. It’s the color that represents our breast-cancer-fighting Chardonnay. By donating half of our Chardonnay profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we’re helping provide mammograms to women in need. Early detection can save lives. That’s why we support pink all year long.

Next month especially, the color will be in the spotlight during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hundreds of thousands of people will come together to take a stand to raise awareness and funds for the disease. Well we want to be part of the action too. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to make a difference. So, here’s how easy it is: For every event booked during the month of October, we will donate a mammogram to a woman in need through the National Breast Cancer Foundation. AND, we will also donate to any Breast Cancer related charity of the hosts’ choice through event sales.

So really all you have to do is open your home to ONEHOPE Wine and your friends, and drink for pink. And just like that, you’ll have provided a mammogram to someone who needs it. You never know, it could be a life saving mammogram. So if you’re up for throwing a party, we have some ideas on our Pinterest board, Drink for Pink to make the fighting color center stage at your wine tasting.

Okay, so maybe our hunt is more like a mission, but you get the picture.

A taste of the party planning ideas you’ll find on our Pinterest board!

Californians – To host an event and provide a mammogram during the month of October, visit us here!

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