You’re Invited!

We recently received a hand-addressed envelope in the mail and were blown away with the most adorable invitation. We immediately knew the theme, thanks to the wine bottle printed on the front of the invite. Without even glancing at the party details, we said “yes please!” Well this got us thinking. We couldn’t remember the last time we received a paper invitation that wasn’t for a wedding. We understand the convenience of sending an Evite or an email blast, but there’s something special about discovering an item in the mailbox other than junk. Maybe we’re a little old fashioned, but how cute are the invitations below that we found on Etsy? So, next time you’re hosting a ONEHOPE Wine party and getting ready to send an Evite, think about a snail mail delivery. You may have to plan ahead a bit, but your guests will have a hard time turning your invite down!

Wine and Cheese Party Invitation

Formal Wine Party Invitation

Modern Printable Invitation

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