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Keeping Tabs

If this is a common problem for us, we’re sure it’s a common problem for you. You’re at party and suddenly you’ve misplaced your wine glass, or picked up who knows whose glass by accident. It happens. Especially when wine is involved. Well there is an easy solution… drink tags! It’s a small party planning detail, but it’s also one that tends to get overlooked in the chaos of planning. They’re great for keeping tabs on your glass, but they’re also a fun way to add to a parties decor, helping to carry out the theme. Just go on Pinterest and search for wine charms. You won’t believe all the options!

At one of our events last weekend, we fell in love with the charms the host picked out. Not only were all the guests raving about their cuteness, but they were also really functional! These wine charms were made with chalkboard paint, giving you the option to re-use them time and time again. We LOVE anything that involves chalkboard paint so we weren’t shy about snapping a few photos!

The host labeled the tags with fun titles like “shopaholic,” “dog lover,” and “VIP.” This allowed the guests to be imaginative with their choice and decide based on their mood that evening.

Find these vintage chalkboard wine charms on Etsy.

Feeling crafty and creative? Making your own wine tags is simple. We found this great tutorial from Cupcakes and Cashmere on how to make personalized watercolor drink tags. We love these because they’re so pretty, but they also make the guest feel personally welcomed.

A step by step process of how you can make your own wine tags can be found here.

No need to get drinks mixed up at your next party, there’s lot of options to keep tabs on your glass! Happy planning!

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