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Leftover Wine Ideas

Leftovers. Chances are you have a lot after Turkey Day. It’s possible that you may even have some leftover wine. Leftover wine? We know, it’s doubtful, but just in case you do, don’t throw it out quite yet. If you’ve already emptied out your leftover bottles, hold off on heading to the recycling bin because we have an idea for that too.

Sommeliers and the average wine connoisseur might cringe at this idea, but we hate to see any wine go to waste. And while we hope you finished off your favorite bottle of ONEHOPE Wine, there’s always the chance that some was left behind. So before you aim for the kitchen sink, consider freezing your leftover wine. This is especially a good idea if you like to cook. Instead of running to the store to grab a bottle, of which you’ll probably only use a quarter of anyway, just reach into the freezer and voilà! Your favorite red wine pan sauce will be ready in minutes. Saving you time and money, not such a bad idea after all, right?

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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can start to focus on the next big occasion. Whether you’re throwing a holiday party or just adding a touch of winter wonderland to your home, empty wine bottles can make beautiful decorative displays. Plus, recycling empty wine bottles and transforming them into festive decorations is not only fun, but also “green!”

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We might need to enjoy a bottle or two just to try these ideas! If you give any of these a shot, let us know what you think!


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